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Very Important Announcement
Very Important Announcement
31 Jul 2015

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To all the Faceless fans, readers, supporters, detractors, haters and critics, For just over siX years, I have been in the position to be able to create and publish Faceless mostly daily. Okay, so only weekdays, and not on holidays, or when I got home too late, or when I had technical issues or when I forgot (I never really forgot - those days I was just lazy). Today I have an announcement: I have accepted an offer to return full time to the corporate IT world. Meagre books sales, the lack of sponsorship for the site (did I mention Google-Ads banned me for the use of the word "vagina"?) and the necessity to actually pay bills, have all contributed to this decision. So where does this leave Faceless? Well, for the next few weeks, I'll be putting Faceless on hold while I get to grips with my new 8-5 routine, be reminded of commuting early in the mornings and working out which of my new colleague's mug I can use without them knowing. Once the dust has settled, I plan to return with your favourite non-PC strip. At this stage I suspect it might be a less frequent schedule, weekly, or two or three times a week maybe. Thank you for all the support over the past siX years, and I hope this change doesn't lose me too many readers. In the mean time, have a rummage through the older ones, buy the books, and keep a lookout for the return of Faceless. Thanks again, Bruce Sutherland.