6 Nov 2016: Only my guests. Apparently the eBook only works for a ghost shit

4 Nov 2016: So the last poster wants to wipe their arse with my book =( - Bruce

3 Nov 2016: ebook: then i have to leave ipad in the loo, and when they run out of loo paper... :(

3 Nov 2016: link comment was tongue in cheek - easy to type /book...

1 Nov 2016: The books link is above to the right ('the books'). It seems that the Megabooks link is dead and that buggers have disappeared (I guess I should check these thing more often - GRR!!) - I'll look into it. Ebooks are still the easiest and best value and both BookBaby links are functioning. Thanks for the attempted support, Bruce - Bruce

1 Nov 2016: The one on the left side that is cover of the book works.

1 Nov 2016: Seems I can't buy your book, your link above brings me back here, so can't give you $

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